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Classically trained, Andrew J Carter has been composing music for more than 22 years.

A skilled, creative, experienced and accomplished music composer and producer, his musical creations span many genres, including classical, film scores, choral, operatic, musicals, piano ballads and songs of many styles.

His greatest experience and skill lie in creating orchestral film scores, opera and musicals, in composing choral, piano and classical works, and in producing and mastering tracks for solo artists - both singers and instrumental soloists. As a creator of musical and operatic films, he has a unique talent for bringing film to life through music.

He is also an experienced and accomplished screenwriter, editor, poet and lyricist, with several screenplays, complete operatic libretto's and musical scripts to his name.

Andrew is British, with degrees from an English University. He has taught and lectured at University level, and has publications in reputable international journals.