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Do you love the infinite power, limitless depths and timeless resonance of a full orchestral film score?

Does the rich reverberation of acoustic instruments awaken your soul and kindle your passion?

Is your soul captivated by transcendent beauty?

Specialising in:

  • Orchestral Works - From Symphony or Concerto to small-ensemble creations
  • Film Scores - Full orchestral or uniquely hand-crafted scores
  • Choral Music - From full choir to small a cappella-group and solo works
  • Opera - Authentic and sublime
  • Musicals - For stage and screen
  • Classical Music
  • Piano Music
  • Ballads
  • Lyrics - from full operatic libretto's and complete musical scripts to song lyrics
  • Full Track Production for Solo Artists - Vocal and Instrumental
  • Professional Mixing and Mastering
  • and so much more...

Client Testimonials

Andrew was an absolute honour to work with. Not only did he put his full professional edge into the project but his true passion and soul too. Truly wonderful to work with...

- Victoria, Binaural Soundscapes, Great Britain

He has a very good understanding of music and how to create mood. He is an excellent choice for any film. Very professional... makes you feel really good about any project.

- Zack, Film-maker, Canada

Thank you for another outstanding score... It was a real pleasure working with him... I would recommend him to anyone.

- Maranatha, New Zealand

Andrew is a class-act....

- Jonathan, Garland, USA

Very talented, done an amazing job...

- Kay, Short Film, London

Andrew was absolutely fantastic to work with... excellent in communication... very detail oriented, very dedicated, very talented... highly recommended!

- Pedro, Soundscapes, Portugal

"Above and beyond the call of duty" is an understatement. Andrew provided a true artist's touch...

- Greg, Singer, Washington State, USA

Andrew is very professional. He did an excellent job on my music arrangement. He's skilled with virtual instruments, making them sound beautiful...

- Noniko, Professional Flautist, California, USA

Absolutely fantastic job!

- Timothy, Song, Sweden

Andrew is an amazing person to work with... Highly recommended!

- Ha, Stage-Musical Script, Vietnam

Excellent job! Andrew is the most professional freelancer we have worked with...

- Cliff, Song, Singapore

"I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Andrew... If you are looking for someone who will go above and beyond your expectations..."

- Donna, Washington, USA

Excellent, excellent work, communication skills and professionalism...

- Mohamad, Lebanon

Andrew has an uncanny ability to produce very high quality content...

- Benedict, USA

He did an outstanding job...

- Judd, Orchestral, choral and vocal composition - Sacred Music, USA

Very professional and extremely dedicated.

- Oriol, Spain

Excellent work...

- John, Choral Arrangements, Singapore

It was truly an honour to work with Andrew.

- Bojana, Great Britain

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